Two months of big mess

The following post is going to be written only in the English language. This is the short version of the story, and is missing few things, so this is one of the reasons you will not find any of the names of anybody involved in this post.

I’m a freelancer at the field of VoIP and Asterisk industry. When I find the time, I also contribute to some open source communities.

At October, after several clients of mine started to request a client side applications on specific platform to be used instead of web applications (due to several reasons I will not get into), I decided to order a development license to that specific platform.

One of my request was that I must have the media and not only the ability to download the OS and any tools that are needed. I informed the distributor that it is the only way I’m wiling to buy the license.

When the license arrived two weeks after my order, everything appeared normal, and after the answer to my questions of “where is the media” that where answered with “it’s on the way”, I paid the distributor. When I noticed that the media does not arrive, and I can not download the software as well, I called the distributor that directed me to the provider. That provider claimed that I need to register myself in a few places on their web sites, and then I’ll receive the media.

I didn’t like where things were heading to, but instead of insisting to be able to download the products as well, I just waited the 10 days (that’s the amount of time I was told that it would take) for the media, not before making sure that my address is correct, because the original address that was filled when I first order the license was wrong.

After 16 days (including one weekend), I started calling the provider to understand what’s wrong, and why I did not receive the media. At first they gave me the number of their distribution department, but when I saw that the phone number was invalid, I called again, and I was promised that they will look into it, and will get back to me, but that never happened.

So at that afternoon I wrote an angry email demanding either to receive the media, or to give me my money back, and I would cancel.

Only when I wanted to cancel everything, the provider started to take me more seriously. And after further investigation, it appeared that the package was sent to the Sharon area, while I’m located at the north. The place the package arrive, didn’t know me, or what this is all about, so they didn’t accept the package, and it just set at the delivery company. Now both the delivery company and the provider claimed that I didn’t gave the right address, so I asked them for the address, and for some weird reason, it was my address, only wrong phone number (of some place at the 09 area, while I’m located at 04 area). And the place I live is the only place in Israel that have that name, so something is wrong.

I requested to be handed the package on that day, but I was told that it might not be possible, so I demanded to be have at the next morning. At 11:30am I saw that no phone call, nor any delivery had arrived to me, and moreover, I had a set of meetings that I moved to that afternoon, because I was expecting the package. So I phoned the provider again, asking why I haven’t received the package, when I was told by the delivery company the day before that I’ll have it at that morning. After talking with the delivery, they told me that they can give me the package only between 15:00-17:00… I told them that I will not be at the location, and I will not be able to receive the package. And they offered me that if I’m at a meeting in a specific location, they can deliver it to that place at the same day. But I had few meetings, and beside, I do not think that is right for someone to “ambusing” me at clients locations (not to mention other issues that should raise everyone eyebrows)… I also told the provider, that if the package will not arrive in the next 20 minutes, it is better for the provider to just cancel the order (one of the reason was, because all of that meetings where about this subject with my customers).

So at 16:30 I had a phone call (while I was in a meeting) by the delivery that they are in the area (of my address), and wish to give me the package. I told them that I’m not in the area, and I do not have anyone that can accept it in my name. Meanwhile I asked my father to type a letter to the supplier, demanding to have my money back, and to cancel the order. Then I asked my father alsp to fax it to the supplier.

The next day, while still not having the delivery (that again was promised to arrive in the morning), I received an answer to my harshed letter by the supplier, willing to help me to download the products, and they will do their best to make the delivery arrive asap. However it was too late ! I already had a meeting with my clients to see how to solve this milestone setback.

On 16:00 that day I also received a phone call from the delivery that they are at my area, and wish to give me the package. By then I told them to send it back to the provider, because I already cancelled the order.

I have a lot of luck that all my customers, were they was willing to give me both extensions to provide them with solutions, and the willingness to try Ubuntu Linux as the desktop for that solution.

I’m still waiting for the money to arrive, and I might write a follow-up to this post.

I do not understand, how come that when I place my name at Canonical web site for having Ubuntu to ship to me, and Canonical that does not take any money from me, they are able to deliver the media to me without any problems, and on the time they say that it will take things to arrive, even though they are using regular “snail mail”, rather then using delivery services, while a product that I paid for, and have all the needed contact, is unable to arrive at my door steps even after two months, while Ubuntu arrive after 3-4 weeks !

I think that even though I contribute to open source for several years now, including of writing guides, and promoting Linux, it is the first time that I actually understand why Linux is so important to all of us, even the ones that do not know or yet understand it.

מחשבה אחת על “Two months of big mess

  1. jabka

    Funny story may i say ? …
    The real question is why did you wait so much time ?
    since they are supposed to ship it in maximum 14 days

    I guess one of the rason to this kind of behavior is your patience:

    As you may recall few month ago i had relative close issues with customer service only when the tones goes high and you make them loose money you get this kind attiude.

    The problem is that it is related to Isreally based companies

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