Ola Portugal

Well, this post is written in Portugal, where I'm visiting this 10 days.

The vecation started badly, we had a connection flight to Portugal in Spain. We arrived 9pm Spain time, and the next flight was on the next day, so we needed to do the night in Spain. Well when I finally understood Madrid's Airport, I found out that one of the legs of my suitecase was broken.~

Next we went to find a taxi (there is a line of taxi's that there are people that stops the taxi for you), there we found out that the hotel (it was an amazing hotel btw) is in the suberbian of Madrid, and not part of the city, and the $50 of that amazing hotel was very cheap next to the drive (an hour long drive with the specific taxi driver that we found) from the Airport. And on 6am we needed to arrive back to the airport. This two drives cost 200 euro. It just wasn't worth it.

Few hours later, we where back to the airport, flying to portugal. A great place in view ! and here I am, writing in an internet shop (no Hebrew with the Windows Keyboard, and the Hebrew is aligned wrogly) After one day at Portugal.

Few tips if you plan to visit:

1. Do not eat on turist ruestrunts, they are expensive and the food is not that well, the restrunt of the locals are much better.

2. Plan your visit with the day of the week! on Monday, most things are closed (the places to see that is).

3. Use dictionery to communicate, most people does not know English at all.

4. Enjoy. The prices are more or less the same as in Israel, when you are going away from the turist places, so do not warry to much 🙂

I do not have much time left here, so That's all folks (I didn't event over what I have wrote)

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