A first release of my (un quick) start guide for Firebird SQL in Hebrew

I have released my most waited guide (since the last one at least) regarding the Firebird SQL database.

The guide itself is in the Hebrew language with the aim of being a starting point for users who wishes to know how to start working with the Firebird SQL database. The guide itself does not come as a replacement for the official documentation of Firebird SQL, but as a starting point in a native language, so it will be much easier for people to work with the database and it's official documentation.

The guide itself will be added gradually to some open source web sites for guides in Israel (The hitchhiker guide to the computers (aka guides.co.il), Penguin and Wikibooks -> any other web sites that I do not know about are also welcome to publish it), and also in my own personal web site.

The odt and pdf formats are already available for download, and unless mentioned otherwise will always contain the latest version of the guide.

The guide itself is released under Creative Commons Share Alike

I'm planning also to write some smaller guides for using the tools arriving with Firebird SQL, and some additional things that I think should be in their own guide/tutorials.

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