Your browser may not be able to handle this site

orderlyqI've been looking for some information regarding Asterisk, and on one web site, I was raised with the error message on the image.

Needless to say that I'm currently using the latest version of Firefox ?

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  1. אבים

    אה. את זה גם אני יכול….. זה מחליף את ההתקנה הקיימת או שיוצר התקנה במקביל לגירסה 3.0.1 (כמו שעבדתי עם הRC עד עכשיו)?

  2. Sawyer

    As you already mentioned elsewhere, they're probably testing per version and not using "more than" type of test for it.

    Which is.. really funny.
    Do they prevent you from using the website?

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  4. ik_5 מאת

    Avim, it install is as another firefox package rather then override the existed package.

    Sawyer, it does prevent me from accessing the site, unless I disable the javascript support.

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