My roadmap for open source projects

All work and no play, makes IK a bad open source dev.

Recently I was required to stop the work on my Redis client due to lack of time. But I still going to finish the client, but it will take more time then what I thought it would.

But it made me think, what exactly are the things I wish to develop and contribute for open source projects.

So after the Redis client work, I wish to work on the following projects (some will be mine):

  • Contributing to Adhearsion
  • Creating web framework to fpWeb (It's just a CGI framework, not a whole web framework)
  • Working on a library I wanted to start in 2010 for VoIP
  • Continue working on Redis client when needed

I have no time frame limit for this, but that's the open source stuff I wish to work on when I'll have more time.

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