Facebook do not understand their users

I've been using Facebook on and off since 2007, and have to say one thing:

Facebook do not understand their users, or how to make things right !

What does it mean, you probably ask yourself ?
Well here are some of the messages I keep on getting on Facebook in the past few months (Almost constantly):

mobile no content to displayunable to get content
can not perform action
can not retrive information from web site
Unable to login

Me and few others, believe that it happens due to many changes in the way Facebook want to charge money. That is that I'll pay to promote my own statuses. That's why for example I also have every few hours a regression that only display posts older then several days.

Since it started to happen, I actually started to use Facebook much less. That is enter the web site much less, adding less content to it, and actually returned into Google+ that I left (A post in Hebrew language).

Facebook simply does not understand their own power, and how to make money out of it.
You have a huge amount of user data that can be used for data mining, but your web site does not contain any way to harness such power to make money.

You are trying to advertise everyone things in the wrong way (I had once or twice ads on pregnancy and bride dresses, while I'm male, never had any plans so far to get marry, and I didn't made any women who I dated, pregnant afaik). Just stop with it, and start to think outside of the box for a second ! We know you can do it technically but not to translate such way of thinking to your business side of things.

I have more than 30 ideas on how you can make a better user experience by using your web site, and also making money out of it.

Would you care to listen ?

2 מחשבות על “Facebook do not understand their users

  1. 45tyegh

    המטרה של פייסבוק זה קודם להרוויח כסף ממכירת פירסומות.
    עצם קיומו של האתר הוא תירוץ בלבד לקבלת רווחים.
    עצם קיומם של הגולשים הוא תירוץ בלבד לצורך קבלת רווחים.
    אתה לא חייב להמשיך לספק לפייסבוק מילות מפתח / תוכן מקורי; רק כי הם קונים המון פירסומות בטלוויזיה / שונאים את גוגל בעיתון.

    1. ik_5 מאת

      הדרך שלהם לא יעילה או נכונה בעליל.
      כמו הדוגמאות שסיפקתי, אני לא בהריון (בכלל גבר) או מתחתן, וקיבלתי פרסומות בכלל לא קשורות,

      יש הרבה דרכים לעשות כסף, הם רק לא מבינים איך לעשות את זה.
      (גם אני) מוכן לעזור ליעץ להם (בתשלום) בנושא 🙂

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