where have all the music gone ?

I used to be a Pandora user, but due to issues with the Music labelling cartel, it was forced to close it's service outside of the U.S. Australia and New-Zealand.
So I moved to Last.fm that offered me to pay a fee and listen to music. Until I got the following Email:

Dear ik_5,
Last.fm is making some important changes to the radio services we offer around the world. We have considered these changes carefully, in response to various factors that affect our business differently in parts of the world.

Up until now, Last.fm radio has been a subscription only feature in your country. However, unfortunately, from Tuesday 15 January 2013 we are no longer able to provide radio streaming to you due to licensing restrictions, and you will no longer be able to listen to Last.fm radio.

Scrobbling remains free and your listening data, charts and recommendations will not be affected by this change.

Our subscription package will continue to offer other benefits, including an ad-free browsing experience site-wide, access to demos on Last.fm Playground, and other features we’re working hard to add.

However, we understand if you wish to cancel your subscription. If this is the case, please see our FAQ for information on how to cancel. If you have paid for a subscription longer than 30 days up-front, you can request a refund.

We will continue to look at the state of the market in your country and hope to expand again in future.

Please see our announcement page for more information on Last.fm changes, news and other listening services that interoperate with Last.fm.

We very much appreciate your loyalty and we hope to see you around.

The Last.fm Team

It seems, that if I'm not a U.S., U.K. or German citizen, I'm not allowed to listen to music once again.

So, I for once, do not welcome the Music Labelling industry. I think it's time for them to die.
If I'll call them pigs, I'll make a bad reputation to the animal, and so does with leeches, so no animal based comparison here. They are simply evil industry that makes a lot of money on the backs of artists and people like myself, who love music.

As we constantly see, they do evil stuff (not only at the U.S.), and according to history, someone actually mentioned what will happen if the music industry will be allowed what it wants to do.

So here is my reaction for this issue:
I will no longer listen, buy or use any non creative commons music at all.
I will not listen or support any artist who works with the music labelling industry, including but not limiting of recommend it, provide a "valid" ("legal") copy to a link that prompt such artists, and do my best to make sure that non of the people around me, support the music labelling industry in any existing possible way.
That means, that even so called "pirated" copies will not be in use.
The artist will simply stop to be exist for me and hopefully for my most of the people around me as well.

I'm starting to support web sites such as jamendo, who support artists and not the label
There are also open communities to be at, instead of the labelling closed minded locations.

If you care much for artists and your freedom, then just follow this.

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