Some IX2-200 hacking

I've bought an Iomega IX2-200 NAS as a backup solution. For it's price, it was the best choice imho (but there are much better solutions out there, but a lot more expensive).

It runs Linux (Debian to be exact), but on default it does not enable ssh, and you can choose only sftp or rsync (as a client), but not at the same time.nas_diagnostics_page

Older firmware can open the ssh part as described at the link, however here is how to do it for a newer firmware:

  1. Enter your device
  2. Login
  3. Go to the following address:
    http(s)://<IP ADDRESS>/diagnostics.html
  4. Enable ssh (it might require you to change port due to proftpd acting as sftp server and binded on port 22)
  5. Use the user root with your login password, but provide a prefix of "soho" prior to it. That is, if your password is "1234" (and I hope it is not), then do the following to your password:
  6. Enjoy the access, and remember: "With great power, comes great responsibility" (or something like that)

For my next post, I'll understand how to make it work as an rsync server.

Remember the joy of device hacking 🙂

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