My First Lazarus plugins – split lazarus

I have released today v0.0.1 b2 of my first ever Lazarus plugins – Split Lazarus.
This plugins allow users to split view source code using the Lazarus IDE.

split_lazarus_v001 b2

The following release is just to provide a look and feel, and request for help with testers etc… and by no mean should be used otherwise.
I must say that it was not so simple to arrive to this version due to few factors:

  • First time of writing such thing
  • For debugging my own code, I need to debug the IDE, because I'm executed from within
  • Found a bug with FPC class
  • There are things that I thought that works in one way, but actually in much different way
  • So I needed to rewrite code in that level as well …
The following release contains only few features, such as syntax color, and fonts that are copied from the original editor.
It also provide a splitter between the original editor and the new one, and should not support anything else. So if you find that it does something else, it was by mistake 🙂

The plugins install itself into the Editor tab menu, and also allow you to register a shortcut for it's actions that by default are empty.


  • Open the package menu
  • Choose the option of open package file (.lpk)
  • Open the file under the package directory named lazsplitview.lpk
  • At the new opened window, press on compile to make sure that the source can be build. Then choose "Install".
  • You'll be prompt for a question if you wish to build it now, answer "yes"
  • Lazarus will be booted up and enjoy 🙂

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