My first python application

It's that time of the thing again – I'm required to learn new technology due to a project requirement.
The requirement is to write something using django, but I do not know django or Python.

So I've started my first project using the Python language, just to have a feel for it.

My first project is to convert my (in)famous quote file into a database, so I choose Firebird db for the task, using Python driver named fdb. It is very robust open source RDBMS, that many people over look, and choose unreliable RDBMS known as MySQL/MariaDB instead (but why ?!).
Here is the DDL of my database, it's simple as you can see, but has so much abilities 🙂

My code is not perfect, and require a lot more optimization, and polishing, but I'm getting there using the help of my friend – Meir, who loves the idea that a Ruby dev like myself arriving into the python world 🙂

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