ארכיון יומי: 8 מרץ, 2013

Goodbye Pascal

At 1993, I've started to learn Pascal. It was the first programming language that I actually enjoyed using, and programming was really fun.

I started with TP 5.5, later on with TP 7.0 that I bought myself, and a book. Later it was Delphi (2, 5 and 7).

Since my appearance at the internet, I found myself constantly in a need to "defend" my language of choice, because people didn't understand the language, but had a lot of wrong ideas what it is, and mostly what it can't do.

So I became by my own choice an evangelist for the language itself, and even helped people get started with it.

The problem is that I'm no longer believe in the path of the language, you can call it Delphi, you can call it Object Pascal, it does not matter. I think it goes the wrong way, and instead of able to talk about it with fellow developers, there is constantly arguments, and bickering about it.

I was told that if I raised an issue, it is actually attacking the people, not the features, and it seems no one car to listen inside the "community".

It's not about specific person, but the picture in whole, that I'm deciding (at least for now), for the first time since I first started to use the language, to stop using it.

All my Pascal related work on github remains "as-is", and people can use them if they wish, continue the work etc… But at least for now I will not longer do anything related to it.

So goodbye Pascal, and thanks for the fishes.