profit by inertia

Some companies in this world have no legitimate right to exists, if you take what they sell vs what they have.

One such company was Sun, but one such giant that exists today is IBM.

I was asked by a friend to take a look at a product by IBM (it called connections), and I was shocked. IBM has a product that makes MS Sharepoint look like a bad written toy, yet I have never seen it, or heard about it prior to that request from my friend. The reason why my friend knew about it, was because he knows the manager behind the product at IBM.

A company asked me to look for them a replacement for sharepoint (they preferred open source based solution), and Google did not gave me any hint about this product back then or now, even though my search did not include open source.

But the product offer so much more then MS sharepoint. I don't know it's price, but it works on all standard based web browsers , and on many operating systems, such as Linux (deb and rpm based), Windows, Unix and Mac. It can integrate with many more tools then sharepoint, including MS Office, but not limited to it, and even offer web based office included.
It support Mobile based connection, and view that fit to your mobile devices, and the list of features just goes on and on.

And here is the Pitch that IBM needed to make, and remained silent. Such product is a sharepoint "killer", if it's price is the same as MS, or cheaper. And it's not the only product by IBM that you never heard about before, but can help you.

The same was with Sun and Open/Star office. They could make real "battle of the office suites" if they wanted, but they didn't, so MS kept selling their Office suite product.

Companies such as IBM earn the money that makes them run, by inertia, not by doing a good work of selling the things they do.

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