My first Go program

I'ved wrote at the Passover holiday a very short script (took almost 5 minutes) to update my vim based plugins that are taken from scm.

So I'ved decided to do the same with the Go language, and make it my first program with it.

It took me a lot of effort to write it, because it was my first program, and learning new syntax, rules, forgetting what I already know in programming etc…

Here is the first version of my code.

I hope later on to write it better, and even in concurrency support -> The reason why I'm learning the programming language.

I wish to thank all the people at the Go community at Google+, they are very helpful and easy with new comers 🙂

Note: Before publishing code, always do "go fmt <file>", so it will be in the way of the gopher 🙂

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