Beware of Amazon AWS

Last year I'ved tested AWS with small server that is "free" for a year (unless you exceed the usage).
When the testing was done, I removed the server, and on my account, there was not even one type of service to remove or delete anymore.

Recently I'ved discovered charges of AWS in my credit card, that I gave them last year, but I haven't used any of their services anymore.
So I'ved email them and now, after two weeks, I still have no answer from them, so I removed my account completely and left them feedback at the web site on this issue.
Furthermore, I've also added a complaint at the Facebook page of AWS.

Taking from you money without giving you any service is theft, and as such, it is a criminal act.
I don't know exactly why the company stole from me, but they did, it was in a very small amount, but still they took money without giving me anything in return, or me asking them for anything, and they took it without my knowledge.

So before you are going to open any cloud service with Amazon, please beware, you might find yourself paying them even after you long stopped using it.

3 מחשבות על “Beware of Amazon AWS

  1. ארתיום

    Are you sure you hadn't left something behind?

    For example if you have some volume that you hadn't deleted or some other stuff. Because Amazon charges you per use. For example if you keep some disk volume, backup or other
    stuff you'll be charged

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