My name is Ido, and I'm the owner of LINESIP – a business that create VoIP and telephony technologies using tools such as the Asterisk PBX for my clients.
I Also contribute to open source projects and really enjoy being in the world of open source and Linux.
The following blog is mostly about software (development), open source, but also about business in general.
You can contact me using email: webmaster at@at ik.homelinux.org
If you wish to contact me regarding business issues, you can do so as well.
The name of this blog "See Different" was named due to my own personal view – usually different then most people.
So with this blog I try to give myself a stage to this views. But the views I provide are my own personal views, and must not be regarded to anything else other then that.

Creative Commons License
See Different by Ido (ik_5) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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    לצערי הבעיה לא נפתרה, והצוות של OOo לא ידידותי מספיק עבור עברית. במידה והיחזרו בישראל לפתח את OOo, אפשר "ללחוץ" עליהם לתקן את זה.

  2. פינגבק: Firebird News » #Sql #Puzzle: What the following code do?

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