תגית: road users

a tale about PIPA, SOPA and Copyrights

Imagine a person finding a road that everyone is using, and decide to charge money from every car that is passing by. Then that person think about it, and start taking money also from people who are walking by that road, just looking at it, or just reading about it.

The person is also limiting the number of people that can use the road, in what type of vehicles, number of passengers, the location from where the driver is from etc…

And if to add  on all of that. the person never fixes the road, or provide extra benefit of using it. You get what he provides "as-is", in the way that he think you should have it, and that's it.

When people that live beside the road, started to create their own path to the road, so they could arrive from one place to another, caused a big headache to the road owner.  Because they did not pay for the usage of the road, and did not stand in his limitation. So the road owner decided not only to sue them, but also to provide some money for public elected figures to place bills and rules, to say that without his permission, and in his conditions, it is illegal to do so.

So people started to create their own roads instead, and the traffic started to move to thar roads instead,  and the original road owner, started to loose a lot of road users -> money to that newer and better roads, that take only minor maintenance fees, but do not limit anything. Even the roads are better maintained then the original road that the person took over and start changing on it.

So now that person decided to pay again to that public figures to place more bills and call the other roads thieves, pirate etc..  And that everyone who is not using the original road hurts the right of the original road owner.