Nokia – Sic transit gloria mundi

"How the mighty have fallen"

Nokia has reported on 11/02/2011 that it starting to collaborate with Microsoft in the smart phone industry. This announcement is the end for a lot of speculations regarding the path that Nokia will take, and is mostly came as a big shock to most of us, we thought it might be the news, but hoped for the best.

Nokia was for many years the main pioneer in Cellular technology but it lack the vision of what Google and Apple saw. So instead of going in a specific path, they started to sit back and let the market change it's leaders, instead of creating a new path to the market they mostly shaped themselves until then.

Apple mostly ride on a big wave of "believers" in a cult like marketing (at least that's how it feels), while Google took a much more realistic approach, where their cellular operating system is not a phone dependent operating system, but an idea for the hardware manufacturers.

Nokia started the same idea of Android long before Google ever entered with their vision, but they only experiment with it using the Maemo operating system. The idea was one clean operating system, that like with Google's Android, Maemo is based on the Linux operating system, but unlike Android, they kept the GNU part inside. That made a lot of people, including myself very happy and I even bought a phone based on it, and returned to the Nokia lap by my own choice, because they provided me a tool that suited not only for my personal ideals of Open Source, but it also had more then 80% of the tools I need for my work, while 20% are not suited for cellular phone (due to it's screen size, and memory [ram], and not fast enough CPU at the N900). N900 can run any Linux based application that exists today. It's better to convert it to the Maemo interface, but it will work, and that's a big plus.

Many people including myself did not like the idea of moving Maemo into MeeGo, but we gave Nokia a chance even though most of us thought that it's not the time to rewrite (a very good) an operating system. Well, we were right apparently because Nokia could not match to Apple's iOS or Google's Android, and they started to fall hard. Now there are more Android based phones, that Nokia did not want to manufacture, then Nokia's phones.

So they replaced their CEO, and moved into the dead hands of Microsoft. For many of us, the lack of proper MeeGo support and the running into the Microsoft cold hands and sit in their laps are the last straw. We got used to have good products from Nokia, but now, a Windows based mobile phone is never the choice we will make, so Nokia is loosing a big crowd of people that loved most of their products, and drag them by force into the hands of Android based phone. It's the second big wave of customers that leave them for Android.

So all I can say is: "Thus passes the glory of the world".

And here is a song that represent my feelings regarding that issue: Mostly Autumn – Fading Colours

3 מחשבות על “Nokia – Sic transit gloria mundi

  1. Query Wolf

    Hey man,
    A spelling mistake has fallen in the 5th paragraph, at the 2nd sentence. It should be "Well, we *were* right apparently because" instead of "Well, we *where* right apparently because"

    BTW – Nice work.

    Yours biggest fan,
    Query Wolf

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